The vivid project Photobook 

issue no. 1, 2021

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The ViViD Project is organised and ran by Sunny Sardini Pictures. The ViViD Project is set out to explore and challenge the creative’s perspective on mental health issues within the Irish Creative Sector. This publication focuses on photographers within the Irish Creative Sector who are passionate about spreading mental health awareness amongst their industry. This body of work features various artists and various photography styles across the island of Ireland.

The concept for this project stems from the humanistic psychologist, Carl Rogers’ Personality Development Theory. Rogers was with the view that humans are active and creative people who are concerned with relationships, perceptions and situations in the present. His approach suggested that everyone exists in a world full of experiences. These experiences shape our reactions that include external objects and people as well as internal thoughts and emotions. This theory is formed to highlight free will and the human potential for goodness. The ViViD Project wants to mirror this approach through the use of photography and contribute to the important conversation on mental health awareness.

The ViViD Project is in partnership with mental health support organisation, Minding Creative Minds. Minding Creative Minds provide free 24/7 support programmes for individuals within the Irish Creative Sector.

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